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Founder & Host

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With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, a resident in four different continents and a visitor to over 50 different countries, the founder of Gathering Getaways, Julie is ready to design and bring to life your next holiday experience.  

Originally trained as a domestic and international travel consultant, Julie has spent her years upskilling to specialise in cruise lines, group travel, corporate travel, travel management and events. 

Her passion for her industry is contagious, and, as she has experienced the world through the eyes of a backpacker, solo traveller and a mother she is well informed to provide you with a tailor-made package to suit any individual or group needs. In fact, the more unique, the better. 

Charity and Service co-ordinator & Host



Award winning community service project officer, Karen has organised charity and community events throughout Africa and the South Pacific. Her experience as a teacher has installed her passion for peoples' wellbeing including childrens' welfare, clean water supplies for all and culture immersion for understanding and acceptance of others. 


In partnership with World Vision, she is currently building a pipe to supply clean water to a village in Kenya that will service thousands of rural community members as well as working with high school students and women in the slums of Kibera, Narobi in order to provide opportunities to escape life of poverty. Karen looks forward to designing tours for people to experience life from different perspectives while helping to support local communities. 

Virtual Travel Assistant & Host

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Catching the travel bug early as a teenager, Michelle has travelled extensively through Europe, the UK, and parts of south-east Asia, before taking up residency in Canada for 10 years. Starting off her working career in Front Office Hospitality, Michelle’s travels have seen her greeting guests at 5-star hotels in both Australia and Canada, including a Guest Services role at the world-renowned Banff Springs Hotel in the Canadian Rockies. This later led to a role as a Travel Coordinator for an international oil and gas company in Calgary, where Michelle was responsible for arranging the business travel for a team of over 600 engineers.  

With over 20 years combined experience in the hospitality, travel and administration industries, Michelle has honed her exceptional skills and prides herself on her efficiency, attention to detail and first class customer service. 

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